吴娱Wu Yu-Exploration in SUTD

There are some special buildings in SUTD, and I would like to visit them as long as I have free time. The main hall is named Tang Zheng Tang, which means Hall of Uprightness. It is hoped that the named will inspire the university community to be honorable, righteous and conscientious. The rear structure is named Zhai Xin Zhai, which means Hall of Fasting of the mind. The term Xin Zhai originates from the Taoist book Liezi, alluding to the removal of desires and the purification of the mind.

I could always get relax and happiness in these places. I believe it is the beauty of Chinese ancient architecture.


吴娱Wu Yu-Icebreaking day

It was such a good chance for us to meet new friends with different backgrounds. The game did a great favor for us to get familiar with each other. Even though I was a bit of nervous at the first place. The kindness of other students helped me to get over of my anxiety very quickly. With great corporations, my group finished our mission quickly, and won a prize.

After that, we were provided materials for painting a T-shirt. I drew two adorable cartoon characters on it for their lovely friendship. There were many friend that love my work. P90912-144340

吴娱Wu Yu-Home Refresh

mmexport1578574364771In 28th September, I went to Blossom Youth Centre, painting and cleaning up households of the pioneer generation at Jurong East and Bukit Batok area. I was assigned to help with an elderly to clean his house and play games with him. Although it was not very convenient for him to move around, the house was kept a tidy and clean condition. And we were happy to make it better by doing more house cleaning works that might not easy to completed by an elderly like swiping the ceiling. He was so happy to see us and told us it was the first time he had so many little guests to come by in his house. This reminded us of that we should also come to visit our grandparents frequently to keep them companied.  After finishing those works, we were tied but all the works were really worth to be done.

吴娱Wu Yu-Dialysis Befriender Program

In 17th & 18th September, I got involved in the NKF Bedok Dialysis Befriender project. We went to Singapore Pools-NKF Dialysis Centre to talk and chat with the kidney dialysis patients at the Centre. We wanted to bring our kindness as well as happiness to alleviate their pain during treatment by chitchatting and playing Bingo games with them. But the most demanding thing for me was to start a talking. In fact, I am not very good at getting familiar with stranger at a short time and talking freely, especially when I need to use English. I felt a little bit of nervous when I tried to talk with a granny, afraid of disturbing her rest time or causing an embarrassed situation. But to my surprised, I was friendly welcomed by her and her positive attitude towards life really impressed me. Although the communication was not going very fluently at the beginning, we were trying our best to understand each other and had a nice talk eventually. Then we start to play Bingo, an easy but enjoyable game. We were lucky enough to won at the second round and won a little gift. The next day I spent my time chitchatting with another patient, who was really talkative. He shared his own story and reminded us the importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle. During this time, the close relationship between the community and residents left me a long impression.IMG-20190918-WA0007

吴娱Wu Yu-Visit to Red Dot Design Museum

It is a boutique museum along the Waterfront Promenade at the Marina Bay. Red Dot Design Museum is the physical embodiment of the international Red Dot Design Award. Learn and enjoy good design from one of the most prestigious design awards in the world, through works from across disciplines including innovative products, research concepts, communication works and art. I got tough of many meaningful design works by visiting this museum.P91218-184027

吴娱Wu Yu-F1 Competition

I was very happy to get the chance to attend F1 performance. It was really excited to watch such a large F1 game in my own eyes. After a season with more down than ups, and more than twelve months since he last stood on the top step of an F1 podium, Sebastian Vettel won the Singapore Grand Prix ahead of teammate Charles Leclerc, who had started the race on pole. Ferrari gambled on an early pit stop for Vettel, and when both drivers had returned to the track on fresh rubber it was the German who remained ahead, triggering radio complaints from Leclerc.


吴娱Wu Yu-A trip to the Museum

I attended an exhibition titled ‘Year 2219’ which helped spark some thoughts and discussion pertaining to how we speculate Singapore and the World to be 200 years from now.

The exhibition 2219, Futures Imagined begins in year 2019, when the repercussions of environmental degradation were increasingly being felt. Governments were making efforts to slow the effects of an impending climate calamity, but to little effect. The Singapore government addressed the issue of climate change in its 2019 National Day Rally, prompting a three-pronged approach to tracking climate change – understand, mitigate and adapt.subterranean city

吴娱Wu Yu-Ceremony in NUS

It was an enjoyable meeting and a nice trip to NUS. According to the guidelines. I choose to wear a Qipao for the attendance of this formal meeting. Several students who had taken part in this program before share their experience about voluntary experiences and meaningful life stories Singapore. At the short break, we all had our lunch together, talking and laughing. When the ceremony came to the end, all of us got together and take a photo for memorizing.mmexport1573919441610

吴娱Wu Yu-Working in Fab lab

I must admit that the Fabrication Lab (Fab Lab) really provides a huge convenience for students to completing hand-making jobs. It aims to allow students to design and build virtually “almost anything” with high-performance machines such as Laser Cutting and Engraving systems, 3D Printers, Plastic Injection Molding machines, vertical sanders, Water-jet Machining Centers, Vertical Injection Molding machines, etc. There are also stuffs that always be willing to offer any help for us. 9841575771148_.pic_hd9841575771148_.pic_hd

吴娱Wu Yu-Final Presentation of Belowvol

In the last class of 30.111 Entrepreneurship, we finally complete the project named Belowvol. It is a revolutionary product to create your private sound zone. Based on the feedback from our testers on our working prototype, we will design and deliver a product with these improvements.
·use of a soft casing material to reduce weight and make it foldable and flexible
·design of a more user-friendly way of wearing and using
·optimized structure to better for washability
·provision of high-quality audio feedback
If you want zero restrictions on the movement of your mouth, we have designed an advanced version of our product Belowvol Pro. It is also more portable! Using active noise-canceling technology, it is equally effective at isolating your voice from reaching the surroundings.IMG_20191216_150912